Archival & Conservation


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Polythene Centrefold Film


Clear polythene centre-fold film is a versatile product which can be used in many applications including protecting items on storage shelves from dust, dirt and leaks. It can also be used as temporary protection for larger items whilst in transit or for floor protection during redecoration.
Our medium duty polythene comes in 65 micron and is available in the following widths and lengths:


280 mm (560 mm) x 50mtrs
280 mm (560 mm) x 100mtrs
700 mm (1400 mm) x 50mtrs
700 mm (1400 mm) x 100mtrs
900 mm (1800 mm) x 50mtrs
900 mm (1800 mm) x 100mtrs



Bubble Wrap


This non-archival material is commonly used as an effective protective wrapping for the protection of items whilst in transit and in short-term storage.
Our strong and flexible Bubble Wrap is currently available in the following:

1000 mm x 100mtrs



Disposable Violet/Purple Nitrile Gloves


Latex and powder free disposable Nitrile Gloves.
Nitrile gloves can be used to handle a diverse range of objects, to protect both handler and artefact against harmful agents.
Available in sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Sold in boxes of 100.



Basic Coveralls


These slightly transparent, durable coveralls offer basic protection against dusts and dirt.
Coveralls are hooded with elasticated waist, wrists and ankles. Available in one size and are sold in packs of 5.



Fold Flat Dust Masks


The Fold Flat Dust Masks offer protection against non-toxic dust, water and oil based fumes.
Features a mouldable nose fit band, foam nose closure and elasticated head strap. Masks come in one size and are sold in packs of 10.



Disposable Cup Masks


These disposable cup masks provide basic protection from non-hazardous dust and mould. This mask should not be used in situations where dust is in any way harmful.
Features a mouldable nose fit band and elasticated head band. Masks come in one size and are sold in packs of 10.