Archival & Conservation

TA DA! Premium Archival Box Packs!


We are so pleased to launch our Archival Box Pack!

In each box you will find carefully selected archival materials to suit the most common items found in personal collections.

The Clamshell Box has been designed to comfortably hold documents of A4 size and is made out of premium Archival Grade corrugated board. This tabbed flat-pack box comes to you ready assembled so that you can start archiving without delay!

Inside your box you will also find our three most popular sized pockets and sleeves:
229 mm x 311 mm, 115 mm x 158 mm and 77 mm x 115 mm. Melinex® Pockets and Sleeves provide high quality protection for a range of formats whilst allowing clear visibility of your collections without having to take them out of their enclosures.

Because we understand that you may have other items in your collection that are not appropriate to put in a pocket or sleeve, we have included some acid-free unbuffered tissue paper for you to wrap, pad and interleave your precious keepsakes.

Get in touch to order yours today!