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Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith



This exhibition was curated so perfectly it was the epitome of design, and I would (albeit it boldly) say that it is one of the most well curated exhibitions I have visited in a while.

It is always the small things that I seem to notice and I loved the handwritten description labels that were placed inside the first display cabinet as you walk in. It was at this point that I knew the exhibition would mirror its name ‘Hello, my name is Paul Smith’; there was a genuine sense that you were being welcomed by Paul Smith himself to his life, his loves and his craft.

It almost felt as though you were walking through a storybook, with each turn of the page (or corner) you started a new chapter. I’m sure the vibrancy combined with the playfulness of the displays helped to encourage this feeling.

Paul Smith – “Colour makes people happy” and this exhibition made me happy.

Take a look at the Design Museum Website for more info:

In the mean time, I just had to spread some of the colour!