Archival & Conservation

Exhibition: Bailey’s Stardust


I managed to make it just in time to the Bailey’s Stardust exhibition! I have always loved his black and white photography but for me, it’s all about the eyes – and of course the fashion.

There were so many amazing pieces in the exhibition that it’s quite hard to decide which my favourite works were. However, I must say that I was particularly drawn to the photograph of Andy Warhol and David Bailey in bed taking a photo of themselves (I shan’t say ‘selfie’). Perhaps it’s because we now see people so frequently posing in this way that it almost makes you associate this stance with modern times and modern technology; we forget that this is not a recent phenomenon.

To see photographs of ‘stars’ that were taken before my time means that I automatically try to match these images in relation to what I know now. Each and every sitter is still as beautiful today as they were when the photographs were taken; it is just quite amazing how we all change. So I propose, in preparation for those who we will meet one, five, ten or twenty years from now, that it’s time to Document, Document and Document: and of course Preserve, Preserve, Preserve!

Here’s a link to the exhibition webpage: